Kristof Vrancken (°1982, BE) studied photography at the LUCA School of Arts, where he is active as a researcher and teacher since 2008. Next to that, he works as a freelance and art photographer. In his artistic work, he explores the forgotten ‘in-between spaces’ of society, presenting them with an eye for detail. This way he researches the relation between man and his surroundings, often with a touch of absurdity and humour.

In 2015 Kristof Vrancken started a PhD in the research group Inter-Actions at the LUCA School of Arts. In his research project, titled The Sustainist Gaze, he immerses himself in the dialogue between the photographic image and the field of social critical design.

He researches natural methods for developing photographic images. Experimenting in this way with the anthotype process that uses pure and natural ingredients and originates in the natural dying procedures of fabrics and objects.

More info: http://www.kristof-vrancken.com

Kristof Vrancken Anthotype 2015 Papaver rhoeas
Kristof Vrancken
Anthotype 2015
Papaver rhoeas