Introduction video about MANUFACTUUR 3.0

A short video about the concept of MANUFACTUUR 3.0, Z33

With MANUFACTUUR 3.0 Z33 searches for new production models in a fast changing world. Digital revolutions, ecological awareness and shifts in the fields of work and labour encourage us to rethink the traditional industrial production model. MANUFACTUUR 3.0 brings designers and artists together to work around alternative production scenarios. The exhibition functions as a production platform, continuously in progress.

Filmed and edited by Boumediene Belbachir:

In search of a drinkable photographic emulsion


In search of a photographic emulsion with a good relationship between image and flavour (both drinkable and photosensitive).

As a starting point I use 18th and 19th century traditions and recipes to make homemade liqueurs based on jenever. Then I investigate the different parameters (sensitivity to light – contrast – flavour).

That’s why I started working together with a local jenever distiller who only works with local, organic raw materials. This project is interesting because it has ties to history, biology, alchemy, taste and photography.

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Stadstriennale Hasselt: